Yes, You Can Write Your Book Now

Greetings from Terry Ann Williams-Richard aka Coach Tenacity!

Are you still planning to write your 1st book in 2023?

Contact me today!

Do you feel like your life is too busy to write a book right now?

Do you feel like you don’t understand the process?

Do you feel like you don’t know where to start?

Discover more about my 1-on-1 book writing coach program. I’ll help you find (b.k.a make) time in your busy life to Write Your Book Now! As your personalized book writing coach I have the pleasure of combining two of my favorite things to do. I enjoy writing and I do it everyday in some form and I encourage, inspire, coach, and equip others to do the same. I also get great joy in helping others reach their goals and live their dreams. Yes, you can write your book now and have fun along the way.

Contact me today, to talk about taking another step in the direction of making your dream of writing and publishing your 1st or next book a reality.


Until I explored my book project with Coach Terry, I could not pin-down the topic. Quickly I gained a title, a topic, and chapter titles too! She’s masterful at what she does to empower authors toward success!

-Lauren F. Nance, CMP Nance Communications, Meetings & Events

Coach Tenacity: My incredible writing coach has been the best thing to happen to my witing career. I have learned to trust my instincts and have faith in my ability to complete the journey of becoming a published author. She rocks.

-Arlene Goss

My experience with Coach Tenacity has been absolutely AMAZING! Once I began working with her, she aligned my writing goals as a step-by-step process that allowed me to be comfortable and confident. She is positive, patient and collaborative and allows you to take a deep dive into your project to create content you never imagined. Working became fun and an outlet of de-stressing for me. I’m further along with meeting my goal this year of becoming an awarded winning published author. I no longer have a fearful mindset of failure but success as I am REPURPOSED for PURPOSE!

-Urayna Nance

Yes With Pes Writing Services are TERR-Y-FIC!!!

I had been in a slump for a few years – couldn’t get motivated, organized…and my thoughts could not seem to come together.

Terry was patient with me, asked the right questions and helped me to develop a personalized progression plan that put me on the right track.

-Kimberly from Cincinnati Professional Ghost Writer & In-Process of Editing Fiction Manuscript

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