Yes, You Can Succeed in Learning!

Do you want to be sure your child is on the right track, especially in this pandemic? Do you want your child to get better grades and higher test scores? Do you want to learn ways to equip your child with learning tools and life strategies for success?

Here’s a Success in Learning Starter Package for you for only $29.99! (*$150 savings)

Here’s what you get:

***A copy of my book, Daily Meditation for Success in Learning in the Classroom & Beyond

***An Academic Assessment for your child (for reading, writing, math, and a learning style survey) The assesment includes a 2-page report of outcomes and recommendations.

***A 45-minute learning/coaching/tutoring session on how to maximize the use of the book


***This offer ends at 11:59 P.M. Monday, October 4, 2021.***

Success in Learning Starter Package—Includes copy of Daily Meditations for Success in Learning in the Classroom and Beyond

Daily Meditations for Success in Learning in the Classroom & Beyond: 40 Days of Rhymes, Reflections, and Resources to Inspire and Motivate Students is a collection of 40 daily motivational rhymes revolving around the affirmations and thoughts that can and will lead to greater success in learning. This book is divided into five sections: Preparing, Participating, Paying Attention, Practicing, and Resources. Messages are written as catchy rhymes. The learner is guided through writing personal reflections, setting goals, and creating an action plan. This is a learning playbook. It’s a guide to discover the thoughts behind a student’s motivation to learn. Get ready to explore!


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