Yes, You Can Help Your Child Succeed in Learning & in Life! Parent and Child Journal

Yes, You Can Help Your Child Succeed in Learning & in Life! Parent and Child Journal is an excellent educational resource. There are activities for both parent & child as they take another step together in the journey to succeed in learning and in life. Character Building, Academic Enrichment, Career Exploration, and Developing a Plan are the areas covered in this easy-to-follow workbook format.

It’s Still All About Love and Some Other Stuff

Do You Want to Love and Be Loved? Everybody wants to love and be loved. Here’s a collection of poetry dedicated to love and the search for more. You’ll smile and maybe shed a tear as you read this book. You’ll want to share it with others.

You’ll read poems from three LOVE sections: Love: Family, Friends and Just Plain Living—Family, friends, and living blesses us with love that helps us weather the storms of life and enjoy the sunshine even more. Love: Romance and Some Other Stuff—Infatuation, giggles, heartbreak, courtships, passion and honeymooning represent something we long for and simply won’t do without. Love: Gods Love and Abundant Life—The greatest love comes from God. Life lessons are best understood filtered through His unconditional love. Each poem tells its own story, leaving its mark on your soul.

Daily Meditations For Success In Learning In The Classroom & Beyond

Daily Meditations for Success in Learning in the Classroom & Beyond: 40 Days of Rhymes, Reflections, and Resources to Inspire and Motivate Students is a collection of 40 daily motivational rhymes revolving around the affirmations and thoughts that can and will lead to greater success in learning. This book is divided into five sections: Preparing, Participating, Paying Attention, Practicing, and Resources. Messages are written as catchy rhymes. The learner is guided through writing personal reflections, setting goals, and creating an action plan. This is a learning playbook. It’s a guide to discover the thoughts behind a student’s motivation to learn. Get ready to explore!

Just Call Me Scholar

Just Call Me Scholar is an illustrated inspirational poem, celebrating our girls and boys and encouraging them to shine. “I am articulate, brilliant, courageous, determined, empowered and free. People often wonder what they should call me. Just Call Me Scholar!” The bright, bold illustrations and positive rhymes make a great family read aloud to celebrate young scholars everywhere. Join the celebration!

Just Call Me Scholar is a children’s picture book (ages 3 – 8).

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