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Personalized Educational Services, LLC (PES) is a consulting firm providing a wide range of educational services, resources, and programming.

Our Vision

Our vision at PES is to empower children and adults for success in learning and in life!

Our Mission     

Our mission at PES is to educate, enlighten, encourage, equip, and empower children and adults for success.  Through the use of  personalized strategies and purpose-filled plans we guide YOU in believing and acting on solutions for YOUR life and learning.  We inspire you to own your greatness.


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Terry Ann Williams-Richard,  is the founder of PES , an author, veteran teacher, education consultant, and trainer.  She has served children, adults, families, organizations, and businesses in Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia.  “Everyone can succeed in learning and in life.  You must choose, use sharpen, and share the right learning tools and life strategies.” — is  the quote at the core of Ms. Richard’s educational philosophy.  It is from this guiding principle that PES operates.

Ms. Richard brings over 30 years of experience combining the fields of education, communications, and community service.  In grade school and college classrooms, and through tutoring services, workshops, training, consulting, events,  program planning, publications, gifts, after school and summer camp support services, she has guided individuals and groups in choosing, using, sharpening, and sharing the right learning tools and life strategies for success

She is the author of several articles and publications including: Ask the Teacher and Success in Learning newspaper columns; Yes, You Can Help Your Child Succeed in Learning & in Life! Parent & Child Journal ; a collection of poetry called It’s Still All About Love and Some Other Stuff ; and Daily Meditations for Success in Learning in the Classroom & Beyond: 40 Days of Rhymes, Reflections, and Resources to Inspire and Motivate Students.

Through PES Ms. Richard’s goal is to educate, enlighten, encourage, equip, and empower children and adults for success in learning and in life.

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