Writers’ Showcase Day #9 Spotlight on…Antoinette Bell-Claytor

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We are Courageous Voices Casting Visions while Celebrating Victories! This Writers’ Showcase is in celebration of completing our 30-Day Writing Project Challenge 2020 (July 13 – August 11). I am grateful for 16 other Sister Writers who agreed, on a variety of personalized levels of participation, to accept the challenge to join me on what turned out to be a transforming adventure. Daily Encouragement e-mails with inspirational quotes & writing tips; Weekly Zoom Call Check-Ins; access to daily interaction in the “A Writing Party!” Facebook group; and an occasional nudge or push from me are some of the benefits of this experience designed to promote daily writing, reaching writing/publishing goals, and uplifting each other. Over the next few days I will spotlight a sprinkling of the writing gifts from this magical group of courageous creatives. Today we celebrate Antoinette Bell-Claytor! Write On, Sister Writer!

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A Little Humor: In the Care Giver’s Corner

by Antoinette Bell-Claytor

Photo Credit: Google Images

Today we drop in on three care professional’s conversation as they take a 15 minute break together. Let’s listen in on Frantic Frankie, Flip Flop Flow, and Funky Freda.

Freda really girl, how many times did you shower Rose? Hon-na when I tell you that she was humming I don’t mean a song. I had to raise rolls and dry out cracks that clearly no one has touched. By the third shower she smelled like the flower of her name and not like the pile of fresh manure.

Frankie you need to calm the heck down. Honey you are going to burn out quick. Take a lesson out of my book. They don’t call me Flip Flop just because of my shoes. Life is too short to be so stressed. Trust the D.O.N. cares more about how many gloves you are using than the care you are providing to old man Charlie. My attitude is clock in check and change and keep them laughing. Feed them Shower them and put them back to bed. See the job is not that hard. Life can be flowers and rainbows even in this hell hole.

Flow everyone cannot walk around with a hint of cannabis in their hair. Sometimes you have to consider what can happen if you get fired. Ha Ha yeah right Frankie like there aren’t a hundred more of these jobs. Girl you making 8.50 an hour to feed, clean, comfort, and console people you don’t even know. Do not make the mistake of getting attached.

You sure are quiet today Freda, where is that funk we all love. Naa just trying to digest what the hell I just heard 45 say today about Mr. Lewis. Did you watch the funeral? I did-dent even know he got down like that with the civil rights movement. Folks was trying to say Black lives Mattered years ago. People need to wake up about shit. The system is so messed up everywhere and we got this fool running the country. This crap here seems so small in the greater scheme of things.

All right now listen to you girl. Hush Flow cause you aren’t bout ta try tell me we all just need to hit yo peace pipe. Ok ok baby Angela Davis damn.

I think you both need to stop. Did you guys look at the stats? They gone have the state walking through here. They could shut this place down than what are we going to do?

Oh Lord………. Freda and Frankie we gone leave that for right now. Ladies it’s time to check and change. Break time is over let’s go spread some sunshine.

Copyright 2020 Antoinette Bell Claytor

Antoinette Bell-Claytor is a certified health professional. She is also a proud Mom of two adult daughters and two teenaged sons; a doting grandma of two; and her 84 year-old Dad’s caregiver. God is her wisdom, strength, and how she is able to find humor. Crocheting and sewing are two of the main ways she is able to steal away for a break, get relief, and find joy in times when life seems overwhelming. She is excited about accepting this writing challenge.

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