Writers’ Showcase Day #8 Spotlight on…Ashley Aya Ferguson

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Terry Ann Williams-Richard, Your Personal Book Writing Coach and Founder of Personalized Educational Services, LLC

We are Courageous Voices Casting Visions while Celebrating Victories! This Writers’ Showcase is in celebration of completing our 30-Day Writing Project Challenge 2020 (July 13 – August 11). I am grateful for 16 other Sister Writers who agreed, on a variety of personalized levels of participation, to accept the challenge to join me on what turned out to be a transforming adventure. Daily Encouragement e-mails with inspirational quotes & writing tips; Weekly Zoom Call Check-Ins; access to daily interaction in the “A Writing Party!” Facebook group; and an occasional nudge or push from me are some of the benefits of this experience designed to promote daily writing, reaching writing/publishing goals, and uplifting each other. Over the next few days I will spotlight a sprinkling of the writing gifts from this magical group of courageous creatives. Today we celebrate Ashley Aya Ferguson! Write On, Sister Writer!

Contact me: at tutor4utoday@gmail.com for your own personalized transformational writing experience.

No Takeout

by Ashley Aya Ferguson

Photo Credit: google images

I want someone to cook for me.

I want him to scour through recipes for the one he

knows I’ll enjoy because he’s been listening as I talk

lovingly about food.

I want him to think of me at the grocery store or

farmer’s market

while picking the perfect peach, or potato, or pear.

I want him to inspect for perfection, 

and consider how each will complement the dish at

peak harvest

I want him to know my tastes and know my faces

when I try a new thing and

I want him to aim to please, to care enough to get it


To let me rest as he perfects.

I want him to think of my smile when he’s mixing, 

my laugh as he’s folding, 

my curves as he’s simmering

I want him to want me to melt when I taste the meal

he’s prepared

I want him to anticipate my eyebrow raise at the

flavors and my long blink as I savor each bite of

goodness prepared with love.

Copyright 2020 Ashley Aya Ferguson

Ashley Aya Ferguson is a writer, single mother, and full-time content professional who spends her days, nights, mornings, evenings, and weekends with words. 

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