Writers’ Showcase Day #7 Spotlight on…Deborah Samuels

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We are Courageous Voices Casting Visions while Celebrating Victories! This Writers’ Showcase is in celebration of completing our 30-Day Writing Project Challenge 2020 (July 13 – August 11). I am grateful for 16 other Sister Writers who agreed, on a variety of personalized levels of participation, to accept the challenge to join me on what turned out to be a transforming adventure. Daily Encouragement e-mails with inspirational quotes & writing tips; Weekly Zoom Call Check-Ins; access to daily interaction in the “A Writing Party!” Facebook group; and an occasional nudge or push from me are some of the benefits of this experience designed to promote daily writing, reaching writing/publishing goals, and uplifting each other. Over the next few days I will spotlight a sprinkling of the writing gifts from this magical group of courageous creatives. Today we celebrate Deborah Samuels! Write On, Sister Writer!

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The Dream is Real: D. Bra Boutique

by Deborah Samuels

 “Every woman needs a bra! This was how my award-winning application for the Retail Lab in Downtown, Ohio started. I had to get the reviewers attention immediately and compel them to read my entire application. It worked! I was picked out of 50 applicants as one of the top 11 businesses for this pilot project. I prayed as I do with my grants for my clients before submission and thanked the Lord in advance to bless me with my own Bra Boutique. He answered my prayers. In December, for the holidays, I will open D. Bra Boutique!

Fitting a woman for a bra has been my passion since I was 15. I started fitting my mother for a bra over 40 years ago. I would come home from school and see the horrible indentation marks on her shoulder that looked like burn marks. I went to the store immediately and helped my mother by purchasing all these different types of bras to try on. She was in so much pain out of the discomfort of her ill fitted bra. She tried it on, the joy she felt, the way she walked and talked was so amazing to me. I thought if a bra could change her attitude and her image, I know I had to do something about it.

From this experience, I found my passion. I felt if my mother was having these issues and had a hard time finding the right size bra, this could be a business. I wanted to make sure all the women in my family, in churches and in the community were fitted and they knew what size they wore.

This opportunity to open D. Bra Boutique in Downtown Dayton, Ohio is my answered prayer from 20 years ago. I did not give up on my dream. I went to the Las Vegas Lingerie shows while I lived in Vegas for over 27 years. During this time, I sold so many bras I could not keep up with the orders, raising 5 young children and a husband. It was a lot to handle and I had to put my bra business on the side to raise my wonderful family. Now, at 55, I am ready to thrive! My children are young adults and I am excited to see them go to college and allow me to grow with my business!

I feel so blessed to be a blessing to my family, friends and to the community in which I live in and serve, Dayton, Ohio. This is the platform I will use to educate and motivate women of all shapes and sizes, 30A to 60Q to monitor their Breast Care Health. I will also have the accessories needed to make sure every woman that comes into D. Bra Boutique looks good underneath their clothing. I want them to be happy with their Bra and feel wonderful and confident with their purchase from D. Bra Boutique for many years to come!

Copyright 2020 Deborah Samuels

From Deborah Samuels “In churches, people witness to save souls. Through the Witness Project, we witness to save lives by educating women about Breast Cancer! This is my passion! I love what I do, making women feel wonderful! “

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  1. Deborah this was an encouraging and fun read about living our dreams. Congratulations on your upcoming opening and wishing you success in a very valuable and much needed business.


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