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We are Courageous Voices Casting Visions while Celebrating Victories! This Writers’ Showcase is in celebration of completing our 30-Day Writing Project Challenge 2020 (July 13 – August 11). I am grateful for 16 other Sister Writers who agreed, on a variety of personalized levels of participation, to accept the challenge to join me on what turned out to be a transforming adventure. Daily Encouragement e-mails with inspirational quotes & writing tips; Weekly Zoom Call Check-Ins; access to daily interaction in the “A Writing Party!” Facebook group; and an occasional nudge or push from me are some of the benefits of this experience designed to promote daily writing, reaching writing/publishing goals, and uplifting each other. Over the next few days I will spotlight a sprinkling of the writing gifts from this magical group of courageous creatives. Today we celebrate Aria Nicole! Write On, Sister Writer!

Contact me: at tutor4utoday@gmail.com for your own personalized transformational writing experience.

Rambling 101 *Revised 2020

by Aria Nicole

Photo Credit: Aria Nicole

Drifting Thoughts

Have you ever thought about what the world would be like, if we, as a people, suddenly became more selfless? I find myself drifted off into my thoughts of “World Peace” often. Sometimes becoming so overwhelmed with emotions that I can hardly see straight. I look out into this world in which we live, and I know there has to be a better way. I look around and I see it for what it truly is. For many of us lonely. Dark. Cold. Harsh. Then there’s the idealist me, the dreamer me, who can also take a look at this same world and see all the many beautiful things that we could become. That we already are. We all have so much to teach, learn, give and share with one another. So why aren’t we doing it? Why are we allowing our ignorance and our prejudices to continue holding us back, allowing it to keep us separated from all the amazing beauty that is LIFE?

Seeing Solutions

Is there a solution? I think so. I see the universe as this huge door with many different locks. Each of us holding a key that unlocks a world of vast opportunities. We are all so very different from one another. These differences are what sets us a part and makes us unique individuals. Yet, if we take a moment to reflect on all that is around us, re-evaluate all that we are and have been, we will soon realize that we are not that different after all. We all have good and bad days. We all have struggles and hustle that we’re faced with daily. Many of them different, whereas, a lot of them are the same. We are all just simply trying to make it from one day to the next. It really doesn’t matter what a person’s race or creed is. We are all members of the only race that truly matters. The Human Race. We are all beautiful, smart and blessed with the gift of life. We are still here when so many others are not. That’s not by chance. We’re here to live, feel and constantly grow. Evolving into our greatness, whatever that may be. It’s time that we deprogram the ignorance and lies that we’ve been tainted with and start to see a bigger brighter picture. Do not allow others to dictate your perception of your life…. Find your own truth.

Truth Search

In search of “The Truth” is a never ending journey. As long as we’re here and continue to live life, there will always be new truths to discover. We must be willing to receive them. Appreciate them. And embrace them. All it takes is love, compassion and understanding.

Let’s open our minds and our hearts, then watch greatness unfold.

Copyright 2020 Aria Nicole

Aria Nicole is a Published Writer & Poet with two books of poetry. She has also penned several works for various online blogs/magazines. Writing has always been her most honest and sacred place.

Do not allow others to dictate your perception of your life…. Find your own truth.

Aria Nicole


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