Let Me Encourage You (I -VI)

Let Me Encourage You (I – VI)
by Terry Ann Williams-Richard

Don’t Quit…

You’ve been working at this idea long and
hard, don’t stop now,
Even when it looks like no way this will happen, no how.
You can’t afford to get discouraged in this
inevitable place,
Keep on going, your breakthrough is there
staring you right in the face.

Now Arise…

Whether you trip, crash, stumble or fall,
Rise again to conquer, be determined to
stand tall.
You are better, stronger this time, renewed
strategies, vision still clear,
The promises are yours, victory is
assured, the battle is worth each and every tear.

Drink Wisdom…

The fountain of knowledge is ever flowing,
eternal and free,
It’s not marked with a sign that forbids, it
is for you and it is for me.
Drink long, quench your thirst and
swallow, don’t just swish,
The benefits are fortifying, life changing,
this drink makes more than a

Check In…

When you awake each morning, you
consider how to start your day,
Perhaps you pray, meditate and make a
list of things to do along the way.
Some things on the list may seem routine
and even small, but do them you must,
Inside those things that seem insignificant,
lies a seed of significance in your trust.

Switch Views

Let’s keep hope alive is the saying,
So much coming at you that you don’t feel
much like playing.
You choose instead to view all the
goodness in life, really take it in,
This simple mind switch gives you the
courage to stay in the game and win.

Keep Moving…

The race is on, you are running the long
and hard course,
Full steam ahead, your desire for success
is such a motivating force.
Even as you sprint, dash or jog along your
way to the top,
See beauty wherever you go and be sure to
take a regular joy stop.

Excerpt from my collection of poetry— It’s Still About Love and Some Other Stuff Copyright 2009

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