Welcome to YOUR Success in Learning and in Life!

Thanks for joining me!

“Everyone can succeed in learning & in life.  You must choose, use, sharpen, and share the right learning tools and life strategies.” — Terry Williams-Richard


Terry Ann Williams-Richard is an author, education consultant and trainer.  She has served children, adults, families, organizations and businesses in Virginia, Ohio, and Georgia.  Ms. Richard’s goal is to educate, enlighten, encourage, equip, and empower students for success in learning and in life. She is the author of several articles and publications including: Ask the Teacher and Success in Learning newspaper columns; Yes, You Can Help Your Child Succeed in Learning & in Life! Parent & Child Journal ; a collection of poetry called It’s Still All About Love and Some Other Stuff ; Daily Meditations  for Success in Learning in the Classroom & Beyond: 40 Days of Rhymes, Reflections, and Resources to Inspire and Motivate Students; and the soon to be released collection of motivational and inspirational essays entitled Behind the Scenes of Living the Dream: Believe It! Write It! Live It! 

Ms. Richard brings over 30 years of experience combining the fields of education, communications, along with church and community service. In public, charter school, college classrooms, and through tutoring services; workshops & training; consulting/coaching; program & event planning; books/publications/gifts; writing& editing services; after school and summer camp support services, Ms. Richard has guided individuals and groups in choosing, using, sharpening, and sharing the right learning tools and life strategies for success.                                  

What satisfied customers are saying… 

“…fun and inspiring programs that work.”

“…makes students feel more motivated.”

“…helps you believe you can do it.”

“…workshops are full of activities to get participants involved.”

“…great activities to use in the classroom.”

“…wonderful ways to build skills.”

“…uses creativity, experience and patience.”

“…I saw changes in his attitude and results in his learning after just a few tutoring sessions.”

Ways to Serve YOU…

Ms. Richard is ideal for your next event, convention, conference, or professional development training.  Keynote addresses, breakout sessions, half-day seminars, full day workshops, proposal writing, and one-on-one & small group tutoring or coaching are some of the ways her services can be delivered.  Additionally, she can be a part of an expert panel   leading a Q&A session.


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