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  • Do you want your child or students to get better grades?
  • Do you want your child to get higher scores on standardized tests?
  • Do you need tips on how to help your child have greater learning success?


Workshops & Training

  • Do you want soft skills training for your staff?
  • Do you want personalized training on selected topics for your organization or business?

Consulting & Program Planning

  • Do you want help creating curriculum or developing a proposal?
  • Do you need help planning a program or event?

Writing & Editing Services, Publications, Books

  • Do you need help writing or editing a business document?
  • Do you need help getting started on your book?
  • Do you want to join a writing group?

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“Yes, YOU can succeed in learning and in life.  You must choose, use sharpen, and share the right learning tools and life strategies and gain new ones.”—Terry Ann Williams-Richard, Founder, Personalized Educational Services, LLC

Books for You…

daily meditation

Daily Meditations For Success In Learning In The Classroom & Beyond

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Love book

It’s Still All About Love and Some Other Stuff

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What Satisfied Customers Are Saying… 

“…fun and inspiring programs that work.”—parent & book club participant

“…good at making connections and getting the word out.”—colleague

“…helps you believe you can do it.”—vision board party event participant

“…workshops are full of activities to get participants involved.”—teacher training workshop attendee

“…wonderful ways to build skills.”Adult Education student

“…uses creativity, experience and patience.”parent of a middle school student

“…I saw changes in his attitude and results in his learning after just a few tutoring sessions.”parent